Customers with Micro Repair Insurance Product

If you have a valid Micro Repair Product, bought from our corporated insurance companies, you can come to our repairs centres for inspection of your vehicle. You can also fill in the appoinment form in our website or in ARS mobile application according to required standarts. 

After your vehicle is inspected by our experienced «Customer Representative» we will will give you an appointment date for repairing of your damages within the limits of

Micro Repair Product for free of charge.

 When you bring your car to our repair centres for Micro Repair, «Damage Expertise Form» is prepared for the services that will be provided by ARS and signed by both parties. Your vehicle will be ready within 2 working days and delivery date and time can be seen in the signed form.

When you came back for taking your vehicle from our centre, you will be kindly asked to inspect your vehicle together with our «Customer Representative» and to fill and sign in the satisfaction survey before you leave. 

Do you want to apply for Micro Repair Service?

Click here to fill the micro repair appointment form.